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The advantage with Hard Money University is that you can learn in whatever format is most comfortable for you. We offer online courses, live bootcamps and business consulting.

Experience in real estate or lending is not required.

Yes, we do offer both payment plans and 100% financing options to get started.

Yes! You will be in a position to begin funding deals for real estate investors within 30 days if you attend all classes, trainings, and follow the step by step formula we provide you.

You have the option to pay in full, or take advantage or our payment plan and 100% financing options.

No minimum credit score required.

No. However, some exceptions do apply and we’ll show you how to get around any license requirements.

Not at all! We got you covered and will have you in a position to close your first loan within 30 days of completing this training.

Besides the money for the Hard Money training, you only need a laptop, WIFI, and a cell phone. A customer relationship management software (CRM) will also help to manage your leads and contacts.

Youtube is a fantastic resource for great information on several things, however, you will not be able to successfully run nor scale a hard money business by watching youtube videos. You’ll waste countless hours attempting to piece together videos, only to find partial answers at best.

Learn from someone that’s actively lending and can share their expertise, processes, systems and etc, that you can implement into your own hard money business to avoid wasting money by trial and error.

This course is for those that are serious about their future and willing to do what it takes to be successful. If you complete this course, follow instructions, and take consistent action, you will prosper in this business and reach your goals.

People seeking a get rich quick scheme, without putting in the work that’s necessary for success. This program is NOT for those that continuously make excuses and blame others. That’s not reality and this course is not for you!

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