Hard Money University provides several resources to help you learn and address the issues that matter most in your lending business.

Provide your people with the skills to drive performance and transformational growth

In a consulting or coaching role, we can assist you at every level of your lending organization, whether you need a trusted advisor to top executives or a hands-on consultant for your lending team. Regardless of the role you need, we work side-by-side with you to ensure you realize the transformation you want and can sustain it for years to come.

Besides putting recommendations into practice, we help you develop new skills, drive operational improvements and boost performance throughout your organization. No matter the challenge, you benefit from real-world lending strategies that drive business, while equipping your team to grow and lead.

In-person training for driving sustainable growth in your hard money lending business

The Hard Money University Bootcamp is for highly motivated individuals who want to level up their lending business. It’s where we share what’s new in the industry, what’s happening next, and how you can unlock the latest strategies to drive growth in your hard money broker business.


If you’re new to the industry, the bootcamp is a perfect place to get started. Because it’s a live immersion event with Rod Stanback, founder of Hard Money University, as well as experts in all areas of hard money lending. Since the format is interactive and action-packed, not only do you learn the whole time, you have many opportunities to make new industry connections.  


Dates for the next Hard Money University Bootcamp will be posted soon. Watch this space for more details.  

Hard Money University for Brokers

Up until recently, if you wanted to succeed in real estate investing, you needed several resources. 
The most obvious is money. A close second is experience. Of course, a network of industry contacts is helpful too, as is a real estate or mortgage license. 

With Hard Money University for Brokers, you see how you can make a solid living (or even just a steady second income) without having any of these advantages. In fact, for this process to work, all you really need is about $200 a month to cover internet access and a cell phone. 

Some type of customer relationship management software comes in handy too.

This means if you’re already in real estate — whether you’re an investor, agent or mortgage broker — you’re already a step ahead of the game. But even if you’re brand new to the industry, you can still start generating income in as few as 30 days. 

Our hard money broker course is an online mentoring program designed to teach you the skills you need to become a hard money broker. You begin with generating the lead and go all the way until the loan is paid off.
You go through every single step of the loan process. You also get all the templates, tools and resources, such as loan analyzers and term sheets.

You essentially get a “brokerage in a box.”

Hard Money University for Lenders

If you have access to adequate cash, you could be making residual real estate without having tenants or even owning property.

We show you how in Hard Money University for Lenders. You learn what it takes to become the direct lender to real estate investors.

You can use your own money, or we give you a step-by-step process for raising money and lending it, as well as partnering with institutions to obtain capital. You see how to do everything from drafting loan documents to creating a complete team to operate your hard money lending business.
Now, keep in mind, becoming a hard money lender is riskier than being a broker. Yet you benefit from greater financial rewards.
You can actually get paid every month, similar to having rental income. Plus, you maintain more control over funding because you’re the direct money source, which means you can make higher commissions

NOTE: If you’re new to real estate, we require you to start with our hard money broker course. That way you keep your risk low, and you gain a solid feel for how the hard money industry works.

And way much more coming ahead...
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