About Us

Enjoy the financial benefits of real estate investing without hassling with repairs, tenants or contractors.

Real estate investing funding

Our philosophy

At Hard Money University, we believe there’s a better way to profit from real estate investing. A way that allows you to reap all the financial rewards but not take on the extra responsibilities and risks that come with owning property.

Our mission

We’re obsessively passionate about hard money lending, and our mission is to bring the benefits of this industry to more people.

Our vision

You see, with traditional real estate investing, everyone goes after the same properties. This creates fierce competition. So it’s become increasingly difficult to find deals.

Under Rod’s leadership, Flip Funding has achieved remarkable success, orchestrating over half a billion dollars in loans and 7 figures per year, consistently paving the way for its clients’ financial growth. This university is your opportunity to learn from a top-tier professional who has not only funded over a thousand successful deals but has also mastered the art of turning opportunities into substantial wealth.

Meet Rod!

Join Rod Stanback, Certified Private Money Lender, Fund Manager, and visionary founder of Flip Funding, recognized as one of America’s top hard money lenders, for a transformative course/training that unveils your pathway to prosperity in real estate investment financing. Since launching in 2013, Rod has established himself as a trailblazer in the industry, steering both newcomers and seasoned investors to monumental financial triumphs. His expert insights empower you to excel in the fields of both real estate and hard money lending, regardless of your prior experience or financial background.

Philadelphia, PA

14 years


Rod was born and raised in North Philadelphia in the Richard Allen Projects. Growing up in one of the city’s most violent and drug-infested neighborhoods, Rod became a product of his environment — but real estate became his way out.

Rod has been investing in real estate since 2008, with a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial properties. His most recent acquisition is 34+ acres of land in North Carolina, which is being converted into a farm and modern campground.