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Adam S.

"I made over $20,000 a month in 2021 from the comfort of my own home and it really changed my life.
And I bought almost $3 million dollar worth of property in 2021."

Andrew B.

"The information that he provided has been extraordinary especially for someone such as myself
who didn't know much about how to become a broker."

Bliss A.

"I actually saw them on an episode of
Million Dollar Worth of Game.
And I really love the perspective
that Rod was bringing to the episode and not to mention the real estate game."

Kalise P.

"I just really think as investor, realtor, and everyday person it was just great information.
And I'm ready to continue with the university and learn more and go into Hard Money."

Marc B.

"I highly recommend listening to what Rod has to say.
He operates with integrity which I think is most important in business and he knows his stuff.
He's an active investor himself so he always able to understand the other side of the transaction."

Rich P.

"I came across Rod Stanback and his hard money lending course.
Very informative! Great communication!
So if you're interested in hard money lending and acquiring it,
check out Rod Stanback's
Hard Money University."

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